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NEW Exclusive for Coffee Club Members

We are introducing a new coffee to our line-up and Bart's Crazy Good Coffee Club members get a first taste opportunity to try it!
(Find out more about our Coffee Club)

Introducing Ethiopian Kaffa, our new Premier Coffee! Ethiopian Kaffa is a wonderfully smooth coffee that is a medium/dark roast, with hints of Lavender, Citrus and Black Tea.

If you've ever wondered what all the fuss is about Ethiopian coffee, give our Ethiopian Kaffa a try and you will understand!

For our customers who prefer a wonderfully smooth, yet flavorful coffee, Ethiopian Kaffa is a perfect choice. Give it a try and we think you'll agree that Ethiopian Kaffa really is... CRAZY GOOD..!!!

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Take the O.M.G. Challenge

So... you say that you "don't like coffee" huh?  Well, did you know that our founder, Bart, didn't drink coffee for the first 50 years of his life because he didn't like it either?  Our O.M.G. coffee changed all that!  After discovering a coffee blend that was not only (in Bart's opinion) "tolerable", but in fact pretty good... he set out to develop a specialty blend of coffee flavors that he really enjoyed.  After much experimentation, trial and error... what resulted was this wonderful coffee we call "O.M.G.".

O.M.G. is so good, we believe it can convert most non-coffee drinkers into coffee lovers!  In fact, we feel so strongly about this that we are willing to "put our money where our mouth is" so to speak!  If you buy O.M.G. and prepare it following the instructions below... and you don't think it's absolutly awesome then just return the unused portion and we will refund your money!  How's that for confidence?

So, what are you waiting for?  Give it a try and you'll discover what all the fuss is about over our O.M.G.!!!

Click here to go to the O.M.G. product page...

 Instructions for preparing O,M.G. (for non-coffee drinkers):

  • Brew using a standard 12-cup drip type coffee maker
  • Use 4 level scoops as a starting point (more if you want it stronger)

To prepare your cup of coffee...

  • Use about 15-20% milk (or milk substitute such as Cashew milk, or Almond milk)
  • Fill the remainder of the cup with hot coffee
  • Add the sweetener of your choice to taste.  It should be pretty sweet!
    • A good place to start is two packets per a standard 8 oz coffee cup.
    • Note, most people who "do not like coffee" never add enough sweetener .
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Growing Pains…


Some of the issues with starting a business are the fluctuations that happen as things get rolling, and our business is no exception to this.

On the good side, we've got several new and exciting things coming soon that we just can't wait to share with our customers and fans. On the "pains" side of things it's looking like we are going to have to make another adjustment to the pricing for our coffees (yes, that means a bit of an increase). Last week I announced that I've revamped the pricing "structure" to eliminate the quantity discounts to level the pricing playing field for all customers. We intend to stick to this pricing structure rolling forward. And while we also strive to keep our prices as low as we can, after calculating costs of goods and the costs of our business it is apparent that we do need to adjust our prices.

Prices will be adjusted tomorrow, Wednesday February 27th, 2019 in the early AM.  until then, you might wsnt to take advantage of the current prices!  All orders placed prior to the price adjustment will be at the current (lower) prices.

As stated above, we are committed to keeping our prices as low as we can for our customers. So, even though we will have to increase the prices we will still be lower than our local competitors by several percentage points. For example, our primary coffee, O.M.G.- Original, will be moving to $14 per pound... however our closest competitor is a full dollar more per pound for their lowest priced coffee. And another local roaster is TWO dollars more (the sell their lowest priced coffee in 12 oz packages for $12 which works out to $16 per pound). In both cases we are still priced lower than our local competition (small batch coffee roasters).

We hope you'll understand this adjustment and will continue to support Bart's Crazy Good Coffee as we get our business up and "rockin and rollin".


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