“Black Bart – Xanadu” is a custom blend of both dark and medium roasted coffee beans.  It has the lighter, natural coffee bean flavors found in medium roast coffee as well as the deep cocoa and smokiness found in a dark roast, but without the bitterness.

Xanadu is a favorite of several of our customers.  It’s a unique blend of flavors in a coffee that is indeed… CRAZY GOOD..!!!

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“Black Bart – Xanadu” is a custom blend of a variety of coffee beans that are 50% Vienna (dark) roasted and 50% Light City (light/medium) roasted.  This custom blend yields a wonderful full flavored coffee with hints of green grapes, wheat, cocoa, with a nutty and smokey finish.  If you are someone who enjoys a dark roasted coffee but also wants some of the natural coffee bean flavors found in a really good medium roast coffee then we recommend that you give Xanadu a try.

FYI… “Black Bart” is the designation for our 100% Arabica coffee (no flavor enhancers, just coffee) for our customers who prefer a more straightforward forward approach to coffee.  If you are more of a purist and prefer straight-up coffee without any flavor enhancers (extracts, etc.) then our Black Bart line-up is what you are looking for.   [Tag: Xanadu, Black Bart, Dark, Medium, Blend, 100% Arabica]

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Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 8 in
Grind Option

Whole Beans, Ground


12 oz Bag, 1 lb Bag, 1.5 lb Bag


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