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Bart's Crazy Good Coffee was founded on the principal that we will always keep our focus on the coffee, not our image! We believe that when you buy our coffee you are buying the coffee, not fancy packaging, flashy websites or wiz-bang gimmicks.

For us, it's ALL about the coffee itself!

"If you've never had my coffee be prepared to have your understanding of just how good coffee can be... blown away!!! For first time orders, may we recommend that you give our signature coffee "O.M.G." a try. There’s a reason why I labeled it "O.M.G. It really is... CRAZY GOOD COFFEE..!!!" - Thanks, Bart

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Welcome to… Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Company

ANNOUNCEMENT – I am so excited to finally be able to announce this..!!!

Welcome to… Bart’s Crazy Good Coffee Roasting Co.

I just can’t wait for my coffee drinking friends to try out the verity of coffee roasts that I now offer. If you haven’t tried my O.M.G. specialty coffee I highly recommend that you start there. It really is… CRAZY GOOD..!!! – Thanks, Bart

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